About Us

The Project:

Reckless Relic is a brand passionate about history and design. We create our designs from historic art, using white images printed onto black, affordable, quality t shirts.

Discover ancient and iconic designs, faithful to the original artist’s vision.
We have created this brand to decorate and educate, so you can wear the art you love.

Also see in-depth blog articles on our website, so you can find out about the images you wear.

Much more to add to this site, we plan frequent new images for our tshirts.

At Reckless Relic we keep a hold on the past, whatever the future.

Reckless Relic t-shirts are bold. We aim to keep art from the past alive and spread awareness of art history through our clothes. Take a look around to share our love of fantastic design!

The Team:

The name came first, way back in 2012. We registered it, knowing we would find a use for it one day. As musicians and song writers there were other projects to finish. Spon had a band and worked in the charity sector while Ella Jo went travelling. Eventually we moved to a small village where Ella Jo settled down to write children’s stories and novels. But Reckless Relic was still a name too good to drop.

Being a museum lover, Ella Jo spent many hours in some pretty amazing places around the world. Having no education in art history it was a revelation to discover surviving artistic material of ancient cultures preserved in fine museums around Turkey, European cities, India, Australia and New Zealand: taking pictures on a crappy camera would never be enough.

Ella Jo, gliding through an ancient Turkish landscape

Inspired by Spon’s t-shirt designs for his band, UK Decay, it did not take long to figure out the future for Reckless Relic: a brand selling good quality 21st century clothing adorned with ancient, iconic art.

When Covid 19 struck, it was time to go forward with the project. We moved to a remote area of Wales, plugged into the net and began to work on the Reckless Relic brand.

We are not only musicians and writers, we are also designers, and working for Reckless Relic is the best job in the world.

Spon dressed as a Dandy with Dracula’s castle in the background!

Reckless Relic is a sister company to UK Decay Communities

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